Prof. Carsten Carstensen

Matheon-Siegel AFEM HU-Siegel
Numerische Analysis
Prof. C. Carstensen
Supervised Students
Dörte Helm Adaptive mixed finite element methods in elasticity, Diploma Thesis April 1998 in Kiel
Sören Bartels Theory and numerics of retarded integral equations of electromagnetic scattering, Diploma Thesis March 1999 in Kiel
Carsten Boecker On the hp version of the finite element method: efficient implementation, Diploma Thesis March 1999 in Kiel
Matthias Baumann Applications of nonconvex minimisation problems, Thesis for "1.~Staatsexamen" June 1999 in Kiel
Katrin Jochimsen Contributions to numerics of variational problems for microstructures, Diploma Thesis July 2000 in Kiel
Uta Krebs Two-Dimensional Finite Element Model for theormohalin Circulation, Co-Supervision for Diploma Thesis in August 2001 at Institute for Marine Research in Kiel
Jan Thiele A Posteriori Finite Element Analysis for Linear Elasticity, Diploma Thesis July 2003 for TU Munich
Jan Bolte Adaptive Finite Element Methods in 3D for Matlab, Diploma Thesis August 2003 in Kiel
James Hoffmann Contributions to the theory of averaging operators for a posteriori error control in adaptive finite element methods, Diploma Thesis October 2004 in Kiel
Jan Reininghaus Adaptivity for a nonconforming Finite Element Method for Maxwell’s equations, Diploma Thesis 2007 in Berlin
David Günther Ein gemischter Finite Elemente Ansatz für ein nichtlineares Optimal-Design-Problem, Diploma Thesis December 2007 in Berlin
Joscha Gedicke A posteriori Fehlersch ̈atzer und adaptives Netzdesign f ̈ur elliptische Eigenwertprobleme, Diploma Thesis May 2008 in Berlin
Lena Noack A posteriori error analysis in the calculus of variations, Diploma Thesis October 2008 in Berlin
Christian Merdon A posteriori error estimators for elliptic PDEs, Diploma Thesis June 2009 in Berlin
Andreas Byfut Higher-order extended FEMs and adaptivity with application in fracture mechanics, Diploma Thesis September 2009 in Berlin
Maria Rozova A posteriori error analysis for asymmetric mixed FEMs in elasticity, Diploma Thesis November 2010 in Berlin
Robert Altmann Theory and numerical treatment of PDEs via the nonconfroming Park-Sheen finite element, Diploma Thesis December 2010 in Berlin
Mira Schedensack Comparison theorems of various first-order FEM, Diploma Thesis May 2012 in Berlin
Dietmar Gallistl On nonconforming finite element discretisations of the biharmonic equation, Diploma Thesis May 2012 in Berlin
Johannes Neumann Contributions to goal-oriented a posteriori error analysis for numerical PDEs, Diploma Thesis July 2012 in Berlin
Alexander Eckert A posteriori error analysis of the Arnold-Winter FEM in elasticity, Diploma Thesis July 2012 in Berlin
Karoline Köhler A nonconforming finite element method for the obstacle problem, Diploma Thesis March 2013 in Berlin
Philip Morgenstern Local refinement of a regular triangulation into quadrilaterals, Diploma Thesis April 2013 in Berlin
Nora Graß A mixed finite element method for the obstacle problem, Diploma Thesis June 2013 in Berlin
Falk Dobers Least-Squares-Elemente-Methoden für die Lineare Elastizität, Diploma Thesis Juli 2014 in Berlin
Julian Zimmert Kouhia-Stenberg FEM für Elasto-Plastizität, Diploma Thesis Juli 2014 in Berlin
Boris Kraemer Ein diskoninuierliches Galerkin-Verfahren für ein Optimal Design, Diploma Thesis November 2014 in Berlin
Philipp Bringmann Optimal Mesh-Refinement for Incopressible Fluid Dynamics, Master Thesis December 2014 in Berlin
Friederike Hellwig Drei dPG-Methoden niedriger Ordung für Lineare Elastizität, Master Thesis December 2014 in Berlin
Johannes Storn Die Anwendung der dPG-Methode auf die zeitharmonischen Maxwell-Gleichungen, Master Thesis October 2015 in Berlin
Sophie Puttkammer Eine neue dPG-Finite-Elemente-Methode niedriger Ordnung für die Stokes Gleichungen, Master Thesis October 2015 in Berlin
Alessandro Masacci Nichtkonforme Finite-Elemente-Approximation eines Optimal-Design-Problems, Master Thesis September 2016 in Berlin
Nando Farchmin A Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin Finite Element Method for a Model Problem in Topology Optimization, Master Thesis October 2017 in Berlin
Stephan Daniel Schwöbel Über den Zusammenhang von 4 dPG-FEM mit gewichteten LS-FEM, Master Thesis February 2018 in Berlin
Ngoc Tien Tran Non-standard discretisation of a class of degenerate convex minimisation problems, Master Thesis June 2018 in Berlin
Supervised PhDs and Habilitations
Jochen Alberty Time discretisation schemes for elastoplastic problems in continuum mechanics, PhD 30.07.01 in Kiel
Andreas Prohl Numerical analysis in nonstationary micromagnetism and nematic liquid crystals, Habilitation 14.11.01 in Kiel, presently W3 Professor at University of T\"ubingen, Germany.
Sören Bartels Numerical analysis of some non-convex variational problems, PhD 17.12.01 in Kiel, presently W3 Professor at University of Freiburg, Germany.
Jan Valdman Mathematical and numerical analysis of elastoplastic material with multi-surface stress-strain relation, PhD 25.02.02 in Kiel, former Associate Professor at University of Iceland, presently Scientific leader at SPOMECH, VSB Technical University of Ostrava plus Associate Professor at University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic.
Stefan Funken Contributions to a~posteriori error estimation in the numerical treatment of elliptic PDEs -theory, numerics, and applications, Habilitation 18.12.2002 in Kiel, presently W3 Professor at University of Ulm, Germany
Roland Klose A Posteriori Finite Element Error Analysis in Elastoplasticty, PhD 12.5.03 in Kiel
Dirk Praetorius Analysis, numerics and simulation of a relaxed model problem in micromagnetism, PhD 24.4.03 in Vienna, presently Associate Professor at Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Axel Hecht Adaptive FEMs for an elastoplastic 7 parameter cylindric shell model, PhD 8.12.2003 in Kiel
Darius Zarrabi Contributions to modelling and numerics of elastoplastic contact problems, PhD 12.01.2004 in Kiel
Dirk Praetorius Effective numerical treatment of the Landau-Lifshitz equation in relaxed micromagnetics, Habilitation 01/2005 TU Vienna, presently Associate Professor at Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Jelena Bojanić Numerical analysis of the 1D satellite beam equation, PhD June 2005 TU Vienna
Karin Mautner Numerical treatment of the Black-Scholes variational inequality in computational finance, PhD December 2006 HU Berlin, presently Professor at University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Germany
Sören Bartels Finite element approximation of harmonic maps between surfaces, Habilitation December 2008 HU Berlin, presently W3 Professor at University of Freiburg, Germany
Joscha Gedicke On the numerical analysis of eigenvalue problems, PhD June 2013 HU Berlin, SIAM Student Paper Price, July 2013
Wolfgang Boiger Stabilised Finite Element Approximation for Degenerate Convex Minimisation Problems, PhD August 2013 HU Berlin
Christian Merdon Aspects of Guaranteed Error Control in CPDE, PhD September 2013 HU Berlin
Hella Rabus On the quasi-optimal convergence of adaptive non-conforming finite element methods in three examples, PhD April 2013 HU Berlin
Dietmar Gallistl Adaptive finite element computation of eigenvalues, PhD July 2014 HU Berlin
Mira Schedensack A class of mixed finite element methods based on the Helmholtz decomposition in computational mechanics, PhD June 2015 HU Berlin
Karoline Köhler On efficient a posteriori error analysis for variational inequalities, PhD September 2016 HU Berlin
Daniel Peterseim Computational Multiscale Methods, Habilitaion November 2016 HU Berlin
Friederike Hellwig Adaptive discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin Finite-Element-Methods, PhD November 2018 HU Berlin
Johannes Storn Topics in least-squares and discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin FEM, PhD July 2019 HU Berlin
Other postdoctorial research fellows
Antonio Orlando 2003-2006; now Professor at Universidad de Tucuman, Argentinia
Max Jensen 2005-2006; now Senior Lecturer at University of Sussex
Jun Hu 2004-2005; now Professor at Peking University
Gunar Matthies 2008-2009; now Professor Kassel University
Xie Xiaoping 2008-2009; now Professor at Sichuan University
Andreas Schröder 2007-2012; now Universitätsprofessor at University of Salzburg, Austria
Daniel Peterseim 2009-2013; now Universitätsprofessor at University of Bonn, Germany
Dong Jie Liu 2012; now Professor in Shanghai