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Prof. Andreas Griewank

Since 2004 I have been a member of the institute of mathematics at the Adlershof campus of Humboldt University. Originally, I was appointed to a research professorship provided by the DFG research center Mathematics for Key Technologies. In 2007 I became the successor of Prof. Guddat on the chair for Nonlinear Optimization. Between 2008 and 2012 I served as the head of the mathematics institute and was active in the university self-administration at various levels.

I continue to be involved in various national and international organizations concerning science and education, especially with regards to the developing world. In late 2012 I was elected to the SIAM Council for a first three year period, currently I am also a member of the board.

I am married and have four children as well as four grand children who come along amazingly well. Currently there are 5 grandchildren. My last real hobby was sailplane gliding in Friedersdorf. Very rarely I get around to play the guitar.

I continue to be aghast at the continuing display of Western ignorance, arrogance and intermittent brutality towards the rest of the world. Since November 19th 2001 when our then chancelor Gerhard Schröder(SPD) bullied parlament into approving the participation of German troops in the illegal and futile invasion of Afghanistan I have been a member of 'Die Linke' , who has consistenly opposed military iterventions. I have materially and intellectually contributed to the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research lead by Jan Oberg of Sweden. After my return to Germany I soon joined the Dramstädter Signal , a group current and former soldiers of the "Bundeswehr" and the "Nationale Volksarmee" who continue to insist hat the German Basic Law confines the "Bundeswehr" for good reasons to a strictly defensive role.

In April 2015 I will officially retire from my professorial position at the Humboldt University, but expect to carry on with mathematical research and teaching there and at other institutions. I hope to combine that with my long-standing desire to get on top of French, Russian, Spanish, and possibly Portuguese language.