Iterative methods for large sparse systems

Lecture by Dr. Rüdiger Müller
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Summer 2015

Friday: 11:00-13:00
Room: RUD25 - 1.011


  1. Introduction ( additional slides )
    1. Sparse Matrices
    2. Poisson Model Problem
  2. LU Decomposition ( additional slides )
  3. Basic Iterations, Splitting Methods ( additional slides )
    1. Diagonal Methods: Richardson, Jacobi
    2. Additive Triangular Splitting: Gauß-Seidel, SOR
      Matlab programs for illustration: [ test_fp.m ], [ gauss_seidel.m ]
      stiffness matrix is computed using [laplacian.m] by B. C. Smith and A. V. Knyazev
    3. Multiplicative Splitting: ILU
    4. Approximative Inverse
  4. Multigrid Methods ( additional slides )
    1. Multigrid Algorithm
      Matlab programs for illustration: [ test_mg.m ], [ twogrid.m ]
    2. Smoothing Property
    3. Approximation Property, Convergence
  5. Descend Methods, CG-Methods
    1. Gradient Methods
    2. Conjugate Gradient Method (CG)
    3. Preconditioning, PCG-Methods
  6. Block Oriented Methods, Domain Decomposition
    1. Block Methods
    2. Alternating Schwarz-Methods


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