Course on Intersection Theory  (Winter Semester 2013/14)

The lecture will be take place once a week at Humboldt Universität  (Rudower Chaussee 25).

Monday 11:15 - 12:45    
room:  2.009 

Begin: 14.10.2013

An exercise session will be organized by Emre Sertöz.

The plan is to cover the following topics:

1) Chow groups
2) Intersection products and moving lemma
3) Vector bundles and Chern classes
4) Degeneracy loci, Grassmannians and Porteous' Formula
5) Excess intersections and blowups
6) The Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch Theorem

The theory is very rich in concrete examples and I will present
many of them along the way. I will manly follow the new book
of Eisenbud and Harris "3264 & all that" but Fulton's book
"Intersection theory" will be used as well.

The main prerequisite is a basic course on algebraic geometry
(at the level of "Undergraduate Algebraic Geometry" by Miles Reid. ),
also being familiar with coherent sheaves and their cohomology an
the language of schemes.