The conference is held at the traditional Hotel van der Werff on Schiermonnikoog island, the Netherlands.

The island, where essentially no cars are allowed, is reached by ferry from Lauwersoog, approximately 200 kilometers from Amsterdam. Hotel van der Werff is a hotel with a long tradition dating from the beginning of the 18th century. It is our intention that there will be ample time and opportunity for informal discussions (e.g. during a walk or bicycle ride on the island). The cost of staying at the conference hotel is about Euro 350 (single room, full board).

The conference starts on Sunday,   May 4th. The first lecture is on Monday morning at 9:00 am. The conference ends on Friday,  May 9th, after lunch. If your travel dates are different, please inform us as soon as possible (in case you have not already done so). Please note that due to the tourist season and the scarcity of hotels on the island, it will be difficult to stay on Schiermonnikoog beyond Friday the 9th.

If you travel by public transportation, we recommend to take the train to Leeuwarden (or Groningen), there are regular services from e.g. Amsterdam central station. In Leeuwarden there is a bus connection (Arriva) to the ferry terminal at Lauwersoog. This takes one hour. The ferry takes 45 minutes. From the arrival point on the island there is a bus service of the hotel.  Please be advised, that on Sundays the last ferry leaves Lauwersoog at 18:30. More information, including a timetable can be found at http://www.wpd.nl/en/departure-from-lauwersoog-2010.ashx .

In case you miss the ferry there is the possibility to use the 'wad taxi' (small ferry) against additional costs. Here is the website http://www.wadtaxi.nl/ for further information.

If you cannot make it to the last ferry or 'wad taxi',  stop in Leeuwarden or Groningen; there are no hotels in Lauwersoog. 

Further information may be obtained from www.ns.nl (English version) and www.wagenborg.nl (ferry services). Another useful site for travelling in the Netherlands is journeyplanner.9292.nl .

If you want to stay longer in the Netherlands, information can be obtained through the Amsterdam Tourist Board. Finding accomodation in Amsterdam either before or after the conference might be difficult. Please reserve as soon as your travel plans become final.

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