M. Roczen:   Online-Presentation of Linear Algebra (Poster)

International Congress of Mathematicians, Hyderabad 2010
Section 19: Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics
2000 Mathematics Subject Classifcation. 15-01

Understanding mathematics depends to a large extend on the way it is presented. An attempt to facilitate this for linear algebra has been undertaken some time ago (cf. [2]) using a combination of media (web based training software [5], CD-ROM [4], textbook [3]).

The content covers a complete basic course for the first year, including additional material which can be used for seminars with graduate students as well.

Technically, the online-script [5] uses the computer-algebra system Singular [1] to interprete a graph of logical dependence between basic parts, to add exercises with random initial data and thus to write for each reader individual textbooks on demand corresponding to his or her recent level of knowledge. Meanwhile, this has been successfully tested over several years and has led to a recent, refined version.


[1] Decker, W.; Greuel, G.-M.; Pfister, G.; Schönemann, H.:, Singular 3-1-1, A computer algebra system for polynomial computations, http://www.singular.uni-kl.de (2010)
[2] Roczen, M. Linear Algebra on Demand (Poster ), International Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid 2006
[3] Roczen, M., Wolter, H., Lineare Algebra individuell, vol. 1, 2, ISBN 1-4116-2648-6, 1-4116-3558-2, Lulu Morrisville 2005
[4] Roczen, M., Wolter, H., Pohl, W., Popescu, D., Laza, R., Lineare Algebra individuell Aufgabensammlung, CD-ROM (Ver. 0.62 in preparation)
[5] Roczen, M., Wolter, H., Pohl, W., Popescu, D., Laza, R., Lineare Algebra individuell, http://www.math.hu-berlin.de/~roczen/la.htm, Web Based Training Software, Ver. 0.62 (2010)

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Note: Recently, the Web Based Training Software is written in German. An English Version is in preparation but far from being finished. If you feel you could need it or possibly like to contribute to the translation work, please let me know.