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Current Research Projects


DFG Research Center MATHEON "Mathematics for key technologies"

Project C9: Simulation and Optimization of Semiconductor Crystal Growth from the Melt Controlled by Traveling Magnetic Fields (project of WIAS)

O. Klein, J. Sprekels, F. Tröltzsch

Project C10: Modelling, asymptotic analysis and numerical simulation of the dynamics of thin film nanostructures on crystal surfaces (project of WIAS)

A. Mielke, B. Wagner

Project C17: Adaptive multigrid methods for local and nonlocal phase-field models of solder alloys (project of WIAS)

R. Kornhuber, J. Sprekels

Project C18: Analysis and Numerics of Multidimensional Models for Elastic Phase Transformations in Shape Memory Alloys (project of WIAS)

A. Mielke

Project D8: Nonlinear dynamical effects in integrated optoelectronic structures

L. Recke, M. Wolfrum

Project D14: Nonlocal and Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers (project of WIAS)

A. Mielke, U. Bandelow

Project D21: Synchronization phenomena in coupled dynamical systems

S. Yanchuk

Project D22: Modeling of Electronic Properties in Interfaces in Solar Cells (project of WIAS)

A. Mielke, A. Glitzky

Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 787: Semiconductor Nanophotonics: Materials, Models, Devices

Project B4: Multi-dimensional modeling and simulation of VCSELs (project of WIAS)

A. Mielke, U. Bandelow, F. Schmidt

Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 910: Control of self-organizing nonlinear systems: Theoretical methods and concepts of application

Project A3: Emergence and control of spatio-temporal dynamics in systems with delay

S. Yanchuk

Project A5: Pattern Formation in Systems with Multiple Scales (project of WIAS)

A. Mielke

DFG Research Unit FOR 797:: Analysis and computation of microstructure in finite plasticity

Project P5: Regularizations and Relaxations of Time-continuous Problems in Plasticity (project of WIAS)

A. Mielke

European Research Council Advanced Grant FP 7

Analysis of Multiscale Systems Driven by Functionals (project of WIAS)

A. Mielke

Competence Centre Thin-Film and Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics Berlin (PVcomB)

Mathematical Methods in Photovoltaics (project of WIAS)

A. Mielke , B. Wagner, V. Mehrmann, F. Schmidt

International Research Trainig Group (IRTG) 1740: Dynamical Phenomena in Complex Networks: Fundamentals and Applications

Project P01: Evolution from small to large networks, their spectrum and related bifurcation scenarios

S. Yanchuk

Project P04: Re-emergent cluster patterns in complex networks. Information processing in dynamics of clustering

M. Zaks

Erasmus Mundus European Community Mobility Programme

Dynamics of coupled systems with delayed interactions and applications to high-power lasers

D. Puzyrev, S. Yanchuk, A. Vladimirov


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