Fachschaft Mathematik HU Berlin

Student Advisory Service

The Student Subject Advisory Service (MSB, German for mathematische studentische Studienfachberatung), currently Jule Budnick (student in the Monomaster Mathematics), is an advisory service for mathematics students or those interested in studying mathematics. As the name suggests, this advice is not offered by a professor, but by a student.

If you are just beginning your studies, you will find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ. If this does not solve your problem, simply contact me at the email address below.

Office hours and contact

There are no office hours during the semester break. Of course you can contact me as usual at my e-mail address. Telephone, digital (via zoom) or advice in presence is also possible by appointment by email:

msb (at) mathematik.hu-berlin.de

You can also address your questions to the members of the student council.

Please inform yourself regularly here about the measures at the HU in connection with the corona virus. Here you will find all the relevant regulations that apply to the Math-science faculty. Stay healthy!

Other advisory services

In addition to the student advisory service for mathematics, there are numerous other advisory services at the HU. You can find a list of who you should contact with which questions on the HU website. The major counseling, which is carried out by professors of mathematics, is particularly noteworthy. Details can be found here.