Fachschaft Mathematik HU Berlin

Information for prospective students and first-year students

Hey out there! Apparently you have found your way to the student council website and would like to study math. Here you will find all sorts of information about studying mathematics, which we hope will help you with your questions and problems. Regardless of whether you have already decided to study mathematics and now don't know what to do next; or if you are still unsure about your matriculation: You will definitely find advice here! So don't panic, just click through!

Is math even right for me?

Not sure if you want to study mathematics at all? It is often said that math at university is very different from math lessons at school and should be much more difficult. Is it even possible to do that if you don't come from a special school? We can put your mind at ease!

Every course of study is certainly difficult in its own way, especially at the beginning. It is true that in most cases studying is very different from what is taught in school. But you don't have to come from a special school to do it. Anyone who decides to study this course obviously enjoys mathematics and is therefore in the right place. In order to work on the mountain of exercise sheets, you should take your time, form exercise groups and stick with it. Then it will work!

I want to study mathematics! What now?

Have you decided to study mathematics at the Humboldt University in Berlin? Wonderful! On the following pages you will find information for a good start to your studies. The best thing to do is to matriculate first and then work through the checklist in Getting Started to be well prepared for your first day at the university.