Fachschaft Mathematik HU Berlin

Student Council

The student body of the math faculty gets represented by the student council (short in German: FSR - Fachschaftsrat) that is elected annually (towards the end of the summer semester). According to our rules the council consists of 7 members. This is us! Welcome to the student council! We and other activists organize e.g. the introductory events, student trips, information events, a Christmas party and much more (have a look at the meeting records).

If you want to watch the student council at work, you can join the public telegram group. All topics that we discuss outside of meetings can be viewed there.

Office hours

The students council offers the following consultation hours:

during office hours per phone
030 2093-45308
student council
Tuesday 13 - 15 Uhr office Rebeka and Lukas

You can also just write as an email. For that you'll find more information here

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