Fachschaft Mathematik HU Berlin

Helpful services for the home office

The university offers many options to enable and support working and collaborating in the home office. Here is a list of some tools that might be helpful. Almost all of them simply require you to log in with your CMS/HU account (this is the account you use to log in to Agnes). And then you can start right away!

Graphics Tablets

We as FSR have received graphics tablets from the institute, which we are allowed to lend to students (until March 31st)! Here is some information about it:

So if you need one, write the FSR an email fsr@math.hu-berlin.de with your name, the time period and the purpose.


The university now has an Overleaf license. Here you can edit latex documents together and at the same time online. It is currently still in test mode. Access: latex.hu-berlin.de


The Etherpad is an online text editor where you can edit texts together and at the same time. In contrast to Overleaf, this is a simple editor, useful for quickly collecting a few ideas together. This is also still in test mode. Access: hu.berlin/etherpad

HU Zoom

HU Zoom is the CMS service for video conferencing. With your HU account you can create your own meetings, which initially have no time limit. Access: https://hu-berlin.zoom.us/

Remote access

For one or the other it could be important to access a math calculator via SSH in order to be able to work from home at the university. You can find a detailed explanation on the IT Group page.