"Motives, Foliations and the Conservativity Conjecture"

Arbeitsgemeinschaft at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

September 24th - 28th 2018



This Arbeitsgemeinschaft will be devoted to Ayoub's proof of the conservativity conjecture.

The idea is " learning by doing " – similar to the Deninger-Faltings Arbeitsgemeinschaft at Oberwolfach. Participants have to volunteer for one of the lectures described in the program of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft.

Useful references: Ayoub's Spring 2018 lectures on videos, the corresponding lecture notes, Ayoub's 2015 lectures on foliations and motives, more details on localization and on differential Galois theory.

After the deadline for application the organizers choose the actual speakers to give them enough time to understand the subject and to prepare for their lectures.

Speakers and schedule




All lectures will take place in the main building of the Humboldt University at

Room 2014A
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin
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Joseph Ayoub, Bruno Klingler, Simon Pepin Lehalleur


Einstein Foundation ANR