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MATHEON Junior Research Group in Applied Mathematics

"Dynamics and synchronization of complex systems"

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Group members:

PD Dr.sc. Serhiy Yanchuk (head)
email 2093 - 5435 (2.109)
PD Dr.hab. Michael Zaks  MATHEON
2093 - 2317 (2.115)
Leonhard Lücken  SFB910
2093 - 5432 (2.101)
Markus Kantner

Jan Philipp Pade
2093 - 5432 (2.101)
Petar Tomov
2093 - 2317 (2.115)

Former members:

Dr. Przemyslaw Perlikowski przemyslaw.perlikowski(at)p.lodz.p

Institute of Mathematics, Humboldt University of Berlin. 

Rudower Chaussee 25, R. 2.109 Post address: Sekretariat:
Tel. + (49) (30) 2093 - 5435
Institut für Mathematik Sabina Schmidt
FAX + (49) (30) 2093 - 1842 Unter den Linden 6 Tel. + (49) (30) 2093 - 1820

D-10099 Berlin

Research Interests:

MATHEON Project D21 (started June 2008): Synchronization phenomena in coupled dynamical systems

The cooperative behavior of coupled nonlinear oscillators is significant to a wide variety of physical, technical and biological processes. In arrays of semiconductor lasers, for instance, a variety of dynamical regimes appear due to the coupling of different active and passive elements. Such regimes include self-pulsations, mode-locked pulsations, frequency oscillations, chaotic oscillations and their synchronization, etc.
The goal of this project is to study experimentally relevant aspects of the dynamics of coupled opto-electronic systems. Among numerous open problems in this field, one can mention the following: effect of large delayed feedback on the dynamics of semiconductor lasers, amplitude synchronization in coupled semiconductor lasers, effect of external quasiperiodic perturbations on the dynamics of a nonstationary laser, time-delayed feedback control of multisection semiconductor lasers, and others.
Besides the application field semiconductor lasers, we would like to use the synergy effects by extending the application range and applying the obtained theoretical results to neural systems.

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Chapters in books

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Links to some of our cooperation partners

Dr. Matthias Wolfrum
WIAS, Berlin
Dr. H.-J. Wünsche
Institut für Physik, HU Berlin
Prof. Andreas Griewank Institut für Mathematik, HU Berlin
Prof. Eckehard Schöll
TU Berlin
Prof. Tomasz Kapitaniak Technical University of Lodz, Divison of Dynamics
Priv.-Doz. Lutz Recke Institut für Mathematik, HU Berlin
Dr. Jan Sieber
University of Portsmouth, UK
Dr. Tatjana Stykel Institut für Mathematik, TU Berlin
Prof. Peter Tass
Research Center Jülich
Dr. Oleksandr Popovych
Research Center Jülich
Prof. Antonio Politi
Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi, Firenze
Prof. Anatoly Samoilenko
Institute of Mathematics, Kiev
Dr. Yuri Maistrenko
Institute of Mathematics, Kiev
Dr. Giovanni Giacomelli
Institute of Complex Systems, Florence
Prof. Jürgen Kurths
HU Berli, PIK
Prof. Tiago Pereira
Center for Mathematics, Computation and Cognition, UFABC, Brazil
Prof. Liang Zhao
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (ICMC), University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil

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